Friday, 20 December 2013

A little Ocean Fun

Here are some of the cards we have made in class lately.

I am loving the beautiful cards I have made recently with the Stamp set By the Tide.

Envelope Punch Board Projects

What great fun was had by my lovely class ladies making these cutie little boxes and bows using the Envelope punch board.

By Jody Fennell Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Images © 2013
(While using DSP make sure you only score lightly so you don’t tear paper)

Bow Using Envelope Punch Board
You will need-
1 strip of each in DSP,
1”x 3 ½”
 ¼” x 1 ¼ “
Tape/ Glue dots
Using the 6” strip, place it at the 3” mark on the punch board and punch, turn over and punch the other side.
Now to do the ends, line them up with the open mouth of the punch and punch all 4 sides. Use your bone folder to curl paper.
Tape middle of bow and join both ends together.
Take the ¼ “piece and wrap around the join and tape down.
Now using the 3 ½ “strip punch at the 1 ¾ mark on your board, turning and doing the other side. Now for the ends, centre tail into the centre of the punch to make tails do both ends.  Now to join together you can leave the tails straight or have then hanging down by just folding it slightly before attaching to bow.

Candy Cane Treat Box
You will need-
5 ½ “x 5 ½ “piece of DSP
Glue Dots
Line up DSP at the 2” mark then punch and score, slide to the 2 5/8” mark and punch and score.
Turn 90° line up score lines and punch and score doing the next 2 sides, on the 4th side DO NOT score only punch at the marks.
Round all corners, fold all score lines 6 in total.
On the bottom score lines cut out the little corners.
Fold up the bottom and add a glue dot to the top corner, fold over one side and affix to glue dot, add glue dots to both side tips and fold over last side and affix together, decorate with ribbon and add candy canes.

Mini Open Basket
You will need-
6” x 6” piece of DSP
Small punch of choice for handle
Tape/ Glue Dots
Step 1- Taking your 6” x 6” piece of DSP line it up at the 1 ½ “ mark, punch and score, turn and line up at the 2 ½ “ mark, punch and score, turn again line up at 1 ½ “ mark, punch and score, the turn again lining up at 2 ½ “ mark, punch and score.

Step 2- Now using the score lines you have just made line them up with the score line marker and punch and score all 4 sides.
Step 3- Round all 4 corners.
Step 4- Fold all score line by hand (no need to use bone
folder when using DSP as it’s a thinner paper and my tear).

Step 5- Punch holes to make handles on both sides.
Step 6- Fold in the corners on each end and tape flaps down.

Mini cracker using the envelope punch board
You will need-
DSP (Paper Stacks or 4.5"x 6.5" piece)
Score Board
Envelope Punch Board
Using Designer Series Paper Stacks in the seasonal catalogue as your starting point: each sheet measures 4.5"x 6.5" so it makes the score measurements really easy:
Using score board or score tool- score at 1", 2", 3" and 4" on the short side, and 1", 1.5", 2", 4.5", 5" and 5"5 on the long side.
Fold 1", 2", 3" and 4" score lines, on the other line fold in a mountain valley mountain fold on both ends.  
Using the Envelope Punch Board- fold the first of the long length folds and line up to the 1.5 mark then punch, move along to the 5” mark and punch, fold paper over again and repeat continuing to do all folds, on the widest side punch threw single paper to complete the holes needed.

Now all you need to do is tape both sides together and add ribbon and decorated with a tag.

12”x12” No Cut Folding Gift Box Tutorial

12”x12” No Cut Folding Gift Box

You will need score board, bone folder, tape.

Step 1: Score at 1 ½”, 3” & 3 ¾”

Step 2: Turn paper 180°

Score at 1 ½”, 3” & 3 ¾”

Step 3: Turn paper 90°

Score at 3” & 4 ½”

Step 4: Turn paper 180°

Score at 3” & 4 ½”

Step 5: At the 4 ½” score lines fold down

 corner lining up along the score lines

Step 6: Turn 180° and do the same as step 5

Step7: Turn 90°.Turn the 1 ½” score line in on both sides.

Step 8: Open the fold back up and lift

 the corner into a lifted triangle

Step 9: Lay them flat over the side fold.

Step 10: Do all four corners.

Step 11: Score all lines, 2 on top and bottom,

 1 on both sides, now tape between the 2 score lines.

Step 12: Fold over the side.

Step 13: Fold other side to meet in centre.

Step 14: Now this is the hardest part,

 you need to slide your bone folder under those
 folds and open and press back to make a crisp fold.

Step 15: Do the other side; you will start to see 

the box taking shape at this stage.

Step 16: Do all 4 corners to create box centre.

Step 17:  Fold box and make a belly band to keep it closed,
 this one is a 1 ¼” X 10” piece of card stock
 but can be any width you like,
 and embellishments can be made with many different things.

Jody Fennell
Phone: 0411480072

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

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Sunday, 1 December 2013


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